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April 24

General Washington

President Washington

  • Magnetic Past can custom-create your own bookmark to color

  • Possibility of Modifying existing sets by adding your logo, changing the tile/name of bookmark character

  • Magnetic Past can design Coloring pages or Old Fashioned Games for your institution or event.

March  31st

Shakespearean Characters

July  10th

Alexander Hamilton

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson

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March 15th

Age of Discovery

17th Century

May 11th

Jane Austen's:

Marianne, Catherine, Fanny & Anne.


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July  15th

Collections & Themes

  • American History (includes Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler)
  • Age of Discovery
  • Ancient History (Ancient Rome & Gaul)
  • Medieval
  • Colonial Fashions (see under Coming Soon tab)
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  • Shakespearean Characters
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  • Floral & Fauna (see under Coming Soon tab)

Discover Fun facts

Historical bookmarks contain information on the character, costume of period history on the reverse. Have fun discovering little-known facts or get an overview of the character's  timeline.

Did you know only officers in the Roman Legion could wear their sword on the left-hand side?

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