Magnetic Past, LLC

Magnetic Past offers the possibility of creating magnets to color

These hand-illustrated & hand-crafted magnets are printed on magnetic backed paper.
A little delicate and with small pieces,  the magnetic sets are not for children under the age of 5. Small chocking hazzard.

Magnetic Past offers a range of hand illustrated & hand crafted magnets to color with the option of customization.

Each character & costume is carefully researched and hand illustrated to be as historically accurate as possible, the reverse of the pack contains fun-facts on the costumes, character and/or period.
Characters from the historical collections can swap costume.
All sets are available in English or French. The Ancient history collection is also available in Italian.

Magnetic Past can create you own magnet to color - flora, fauna, landmark, the possibilities are endless!

Examples of the Age of Discovery Collection. Historical info on the package.

Review of the men's illustration by Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation

Magnetic Past ' magnets to color