2010 Est. P'tit historix


2017 Bookmarks to color

sold in the US

2014 Est. Magnetic Past, LLC


2012 Medieval sets of magnets to color France

About Magnetic Past

Magnets to color sold in the US

Magnetic Past, LLC

Magnetic Past originally started in France in 2010 under the name of P'tit historix, selling magnets to color.

The first year was spent researching and illustrating the Middle Ages collection. It sold at trade shows and directly to museums and chateaux.

The next few years saw the evolution of the product, going from an A5 size to a smaller pocket size magnet. All magnets were cut by hand til a handicraft small cutting machine was purchased. 

The Ancient History collection was introduced and rapidly found its way to the gift shops of a variety of archeological parks and museum throughout France.
They even sold in Italy in the Italian version.

In 2014 Magnetic Past, LLC was formed in the US and P'tit historix in Europe went on hiatus.
P'tit historix is back in business and was present at the Paris Museum Connections trade show early 2016.

Ancient history and Middle Ages collection were reformatted and made larger to allow smaller children more ease in coloring the details.

The collection was streamlined and now presents a wider range of characters with the exciting option of swapping costumes between characters from the same historical collections.

While developing new characters for its US market, we were fortunate to benefit from the expertise of historians at Jamestown Rediscovery  for the review of some illustrations (part of the Age of Discovery Collection).

2017 Magenetic Past expands its product line to include bookmarks to color.

Other institutions have generously spent time on reviewing the historical accuracy of illustrations and  information.

This invaluable help allows Magnetic Past to offer quality educational materials.

Our story continues with the constructive feedback , suggestions and comments we receive from clients.